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Free 197 Fog & Mist Photoshop Brushes Collection

Today we’ll continue our series of posts featuring collections of Photoshop brushes. 5 set of free fog and mist  brushes Download over 197 high resolution Brushes from these great resources. These can be great for adding touches to your designs, especially on dark backgrounds. Moods and dramatic effects like early morning tranquility and misty dawn are often elusive and hard to capture. Thankfully, Photoshop together with its variety of effects and brushes gives us work around to simulate these effects. Please remember to choose appropriate photos for this kind of effect to be more realistic. Merely applying these brushes on any kind of photos doesn’t cut it and will look very artificial and fail to provide the proper mood. Choose something natural and potentially possible to have foggy and misty environment. But don’t be afraid to try and experiment with these brushes. You can undo and delete these brushes anytime you want.

How to install brushes (.abr files) :
-Put the (.abr) file you’ve downloaded into the folder C:\Program  Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Presets\Brushes (on Windows)
-Then open your Adobe Photoshop, active brush tool, go to option palette and click on to  open the brush preset picker. 

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1. Fog Brushes 118 Set

Brushes Preview

Author : Jobey Tut
Available Format : Abr file
Type : Fog, Cloud, Smokey
Download File Format : Zip File
Sizes : 39.9 MB
Brushes : 118 in set

Download “Fog Brushes 118 Set” Downloaded 7607 times –

2. Fog, feathers and smoke

Brushes Preview

Author : Falln Stock
Available Format : Abr file
Type : Fog, Smoke, Smokey, Feather
Download File Format : abr file
Sizes : 6.21 MB
Brushes : 19 in set

Download “Fog-Feathers-Smoke” Downloaded 4726 times –

3. Fog & Cloud 60 brushes

Brushes Preview

Author : Falln Stock
Available Format : Abr file
Type : Fire, Smoke, Smokey
Download File Format : abr file
Sizes : 218 MB
Brushes : 60 in set

Download “Fog & Cloud set” Downloaded 6651 times –

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