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18 Different Brushes in One Pack by Adonihs

DanLuVisiArt is young Digital Painting Artist from United State. He provides you a amazing and useful 18+ different types of high quality of Brushes.

This Pack Contains

1. Standard Brush: This is what I use to drop my basic colors when quickly slapping down what I want. I seldom use it for actual detailing, but if I need to block in thick patches I’ll use this brush.

2. Detailing Painting Brush: My favorite brush next to the fur brush. This one is simply used to get those nooks and crannies. If I were to use the brush above for 25% of the painting, this would be the other 75%.

3. Lighting Brush You know all those lens flares, over bright lights, shiny glowing areas I do? This is the brush. Use it softly and you’ll achieve a nice bloom in your lighting.

4. Detailing Lighting Brush For tinier spots, harder lighting areas.

5. Texture Brush: I use this brush mostly for pores, dabbles on the skin, bumpy surfaces, or just to give texture to skin in general. Works like a charm.

6. Hair Brush/Smudge Brush Pretty Self Explanatory. Do I start off painting hair with this brush? No, I use the Standard Painting Brush then I go over it with this brush to create the strands/etc. As for the smudging, this is my ideal color mixer when I need to blend tones, acts like a bristle brush and merges all those nice colors together to create a creamy feel.

7. Chalk Brush: I use this for clouds sometimes, smoke, or just patching in colors. Works better than I can explain.

8. Hard Ink Brush: This I use rarely, but when I do use it, it really helps. Usually for adding glare, or tight highlights on certain objects to make them pop. Like the girls earring.

9. Texture Brush # 2 : This one I use a lot to get nice pores, that sweaty look or just overall skin texture.

10. Cloud Brush #1-3: Used to paint clouds, nuff’ said.

11. Abrams Lighting Brush: I love this brush. In my “INSIDE THE BEAST” image, all those lighting effects you guys talked about were used with this brush.

12. Speckle Brush: Used for skin again, or to dirty something up.

13. Debris Brush: Need to create dirt flying? Tiny bumps on a sexy leg? This is it sucka.

14. Fur Brush: UNF! My favorite brush. I use this for skin, fur, cloth, metal, sparks, debris, glass, anything. It’s a hard shell to crack, but once you’s a GREAT brush.

15. Pore Brush: Literally my 489474th brush used for skin/pores.

16. Glass Brush: Used to create shattered glass, papers flying, etc.

Create professional visual effects for your art, illustrations or other projects in seconds! We used this Brush as creative way in our Tutorial in YouTube 

Author Credit: DanLuVisiArt
Available Format : .Abr file
Sizes : 5.83 MB
Brushes : 18 in set
Type : Nature, Burn, Smoke, Glass, Fur, Debris, Grunge,
License : Free use
Download File Format : Zip File

Brushes Preview

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