Adobe Fontphoria Can Capture Text In Images And Convert Them To Fonts

How many times have you wanted to know the name of a font used in a particular design or artwork? In some cases, the letters have been hand-drawn and the font doesn’t actually exist. But imagine if there was a technology that could scan the text in an image and create an entire font out of it.

Well, Adobe is working on a brilliant new tool called Fontphoria – a glyph morphing and generation system that can convert an image into a glyph and apply that style to other glyphs, turning them into a complete set of fonts.

Powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence (AI), Project Fontphoria can capture the style and texture of a single character and apply them to other characters in Illustrator. The AI can also convert outlined text in Illustrator to editable text.

Using AI lens and Augmented Reality (AR), Fontphoria can also visualize what your newly-created font would look like on real-world items like menus, packaging, signage, etc. Watch below.

00:17 – Conventional text manipulation
01:05 – Using Fontphoria to copy and apply styles
01:50 – Converting outlined text to editable text
02:39 – Creating fonts from images of text
03:54 – Visualizing the font on real world items with AI lens

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